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Hello peaceful Peeps!
(by the way did you know my picture was on the peace peeps (impeach bush co.) Myspace website? well, it is. HERE) I just figured this out, it's a protest picture from earlier this year. They made it HUGE and I'm right below Neil Young. Nice.

That's got nothing to do with this Picture. I'm going to let it speak for itself...I saw many oddities here. Let me know what you see.
Power to the Peaceful,

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Greetings all! I've been MIA? Nah, just sort of blogging @ myspace and busy with getting out doing my work. :) Hope you're all well. Also, I've been in the LA area for sometime- still have my place in Houston. More on that later too.


it was a beautiful crowd of compassion and peace, pissed and sad, death and life, young and old...

I'll be back with a full report asap. & Pictures....
..-- some are great. I have LOADS OF THEM. Representing all .
I stayed until the end- got home about midnight- sleep----oh late. so I'll B back.
Wish you were there and some of you were!!!

I'll then dedicate one page to the music- Ben Harper! Jackson Browne and ozomatli--

HERE- A sample of pics to come--- OH I am also going to support guess who for President of the US? Yes, again----D.K.- our only real choice as far as I am concerned.
please check him out. I was able to meet him last night at a rally in Orange county- even gota picture and spoke with Elizabeth for a bit.


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Where Is everyone?

I leave- gone for just a month to CA and everyone in Houston stopped protesting? Is it too hot?
Let's get the show on the road folks.

going to make phone calls.

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PNAC 101...Time for Truth to spread

Impeachment proceeds have begun in IL and CA now. Call your legislators and demand your state to be next.
It’s time to repost this.

-----------------George W. Bush constantly reminds the nation about the threat of terrorism that began with 911 but he leaves out a few important details that you should know.........

June 1997 - The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) was born. Populated by influential Movers of industry and Shakers of public opinion, the PNAC is an organization united in the vision for a global U.S. empire - "Pax Americana" - through coercion and military domination. Their philosophy can be simply summarized:

There are countries to plunder and fortunes to be made. You have it, we want it. Do as we say or suffer the consequences.
The U.S. already has a powerful military but we plan to nurture and grow it until it's massive and we are indominable. Resistance is futile. We are.......
Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Steve Forbes, William J. Bennett, Frank Gaffney, and I. Lewis ("Scooter") Libby, signator's - among others - of the PNAC's "Statement of Principles".
"We need to...challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values."
"We need to increase defense spending significantly if we are to carry out our global responsibilities today and modernize our armed forces for the future."
"It is important to shape circumstances before crises emerge."
JANUARY 1998 - The PNAC knew that he who owns the oil also owns the world so they sent a letter to President Clinton urging him to attack Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein from power since he put "a significant portion of the world's supply of oil at hazard". Clinton didn't grant them their wish and the PNAC was disheartened that they couldn't manipulate the military while outside of the White House power structure.
MARCH - APRIL 1999 - In an effort to capture and control the castle and all its warriors and weapons, the PNAC offered up members Steve Forbes, Dan Quayle and Gary Bauer to run as Republican candidates in the upcoming Presidential election.

JUNE 1999 - Ever persistent and determined to maximize their potential for success in the Presidential campaign, the PNAC exercised their power of nepotism and member-Jeb Bush's brother George stepped up to the plate to join the race.

SPRING 2000 - The PNAC may have felt confident with their candidate's chances for winning the White House but they were absolutely smug over what they saw as a possible Fallback Plan...electronic voting machines with severe security flaws that included hidden backdoors, erasable audit trails and multiple vote totals with the potential to propel vote tampering to new heights through the magic of remote access.

How To Rig An Election In TheUnitedStates
Can the votes be changed?
GAO Report Finds Flaws in Electronic Voting
Bettter yet, Chuck Hagel - a fellow Republican loyalist - owned the ES&S voting machine company that counted 60% of all U.S. votes. He had already won one election and was part of the U.S. Senate power team in Washington.
Assured that the White House would soon be theirs, the PNAC debuted their 76-page blueprint to achieve world domination. "Rebuilding America's Defenses" became the PNAC's manifesto, detailing the ideal level of military power to specifically eliminate the hostile regimes of Iraq, Iran, Syria and North Korea and it endorsed pre-emptive strikes against them, tradition be damned. Iraq was given star billing as Control Central for their Mideast base of operations.
"At present the United States faces no global rival. America’s grand strategy should aim to preserve and extend this advantageous position as far into the future as possible."
"American landpower is the essential link in the chain that translates U.S. military supremacy into American geopolitical preeminence.
"We cannot allow North Korea, Iran, Iraq or similar states to undermine American leadership."
"While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein."
What is particularly foreboding and chilling in view of events to later unfold, is this statement bemoaning the lengthy process of rebuilding the existing U.S. military according to the heightened standards and specifications the PNAC aspired to.
"...the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor."

NOVEMBER 2000 - Saddam may have sensed an ill wind in the air when he made the first strike, turned his back on the U.S. Dollar and accepted only Euros as payment for his oil. This had the potential of seriously destabilizing the U.S. economy and the PNAC considered this an hostile act of aggression towards their personal and business interests. The heat was on for them to make their first move.

DECEMBER 2000 - In a highly contentious Presidential vote battle on the home turf of PNAC-Jeb Bush, the Supreme Court decided that George Bush was the new President.
Bush now had the green light to seamlessly merge members of the PNAC into his Administration with no one the wiser. PNAC members elevated to the Bush hierarchy include, among others:

Donald Rumsfeld - Secretary of Defense
Paul Wolfowitz - Deputy Secretary of Defense
Elliott Abrams - Member of the National Security Council
John Bolton - Undersecretary for Arms Control and InternationalSecurity
Richard Perle - Chairman of the advisory Defense Policy Board
Richard Armitage - Deputy Secretary of State
John Bolton - Undersecretary of State for Disarmament
Zalmay Khalilzad - White House liaison to the Iraqi opposition
An Honorable Mention was awarded to Condoleezza Rice - National Security Advisor - who is a former oil-company consultant having been on the board of directors of Chevron as its main expert on Kazakhstan.
The PNAC agenda had now passed "Go". The most powerful military machine in the world stood at their ready and Saddam was in the crosshair.
Wasting no time, Cheney secretly assembled an advisory panel of oil and gas executives from Enron, Dynergy, Shell Oil, Chevron/Texaco and British Petroleum under the direction of James Baker (former Secretary of State under George Bush Sr.) to help shape our national energy policy and justify the PNAC's anticipated war with Iraq.
Contributing substantially to the task force discussions and recommendations was a shadowy group of unidentified observers who still remain unknown. Sheikh Saud Al Nasser Al Sabah, the former Kuwaiti oil minister, also made a contribution to the group's final report which was funded through Khalid Al-Turki (a Saudi Arabian oil and gas enterprise) and the Arthur Ross Foundation (a non-profit organization that - on the surface - appears to be a supporter of the Arts.)
MARCH 2001 - Cheney closely guarded the details surrounding his energy task force but documents released through the Freedom of Information Act reveal a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as 2 charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.”
As one internet poster pointed out:
"The Iraq map is not a map, it's a plan
"There are several areas marked 'earmarked for production sharing' (look at the map legend), which means privatized oil fields. Iraq did not have privatized oil fields and production sharing agreements before the US took it over.
"There are also parcels marked on the Iraq oil field and exploration map (numbered 'Block 1' through '9'). Iraq did not have an active, privatized oil exploration program going on before it was conquered by the US.
"If you read the footnotes and entire contents of the other documents, there is a heavy emphasis on business concerns, such as contracts and vendors over items one might think would be more important in a government discussion, such as capacity, long term reserves, etc.
"One footnote (in UAEOilProj.pdf) even contains investment advice for the participants at the meeting, suggesting opportunities in downstream projects, such as power desalination and pipeline projects.
"These are not 'just maps'. Read them."
It can be argued that the spoils of war were being doled out two years before Iraq once again became a household word. Perhaps this explains why Cheney worked so hard and so long to keep this information suppressed until Iraq was under U.S. military then it would be too late for the public to object to the invasion.
Not by coincidence, the United States Agency for International Development (USAid) began coordinating infrastructure and engineering contracts to rebuild post-war Iraq. Halliburton, where Cheney formerly served as chief executive, acquired the contract to oversee firefighting operations at Iraqi oilfields.
Iraq, circa March 2001, painted a completely different picture than the Evil Empire the Bush Administrations tried to portray in their determined rush to war.
"Iraq was one of the more progressive Islamic countries in the region. It provided full rights for women and public education for its citizens who enjoyed a decent standard of living."
"Despite the years of bombings and the even greater toll on human life taken by the sanctions, visitors to Baghdad don't see a city in ruins. Much of the wreckage has been cleared away, much has been repaired.
"In our hotel, there's running water throughout the day, hot water in the morning. Various streets in Baghdad are lined with little stores, surprisingly well-stocked with household appliances, hardware goods, furniture, and clothes (much of which has a second-hand look).
"We see no derelicts or homeless people on the streets, no prostitutes or ragged bands of abandoned children, though there are occasional youngsters eager to shine shoes or solicit spare change. But even they seem to be well-fed and decently clothed. ......large swaths of the city used to be shrouded in complete darkness; today, there are lights just about everywhere.
"People used to feel hopelessly isolated and now there seems to be more hope and better morale.
Sadly though, "more and more children are turning up with leukemia" (a result of the tons of depleted uranium the U.S. military used and left behind after Gulf War I.)
"The Iraqi leadership could turn US policy completely around by uttering just two magic words: "free market." All they have to do is invite the international Monetary Fund and World Bank into Iraq, eliminate free education and free medical care, abolish the minimal food ration that goes to every Iraqi, abolish the housing and transportation subsidies, and hand over the country's oil industry to the corporate cartels. To lift the sanctions, Iraq must surrender to the tender mercies of the free-market paradise....
"Until then, Iraq will continue to be designated a "rogue nation" by those policy makers in Washington who themselves are the meanest profit-driven, power-mongering rogues on earth."
The issue of trade sanctions against Iraq put the Bush Administration in a bind - the sanctions had been designed to punish Saddam for not conceding to U.S. demands but it ended up handicapping U.S. corporations and undermining the PNAC's drive for U.S. economic supremacy. The Bush Administration was on a tight four year schedule to oust Saddam and launch the PNAC's Grand Plan for World Domination but they still didn't have a viable script to sell to the public. Yet.
"It is important to shape circumstances...... ." - PNAC Statement of Principles
May 2001 - The U.S. State Department met with Iran, German and Italian officials to discuss Afghanistan. It was decided that the ruling Taliban would be toppled and a "broad-based government" would control the country so a gas pipeline could be built there. .
Even as plans were being made to remove the Taliban rulers from power, Colin Powell announced a $43 million "gift" to Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy in the UAE received a call that Bin Laden supporters were in the U.S. planning attacks with explosives. It was rumored that Bin Laden was interested in hijacking U.S. aircraft.
June 2001 The decades-old procedure for a quick response by the nation’s air defense was changed. NORAD’s military commanders could no longer issue the command to launch fighter jets because approval had to be sought from the civilian Defense Secretary and PNAC-member, Donald Rumsfeld.
July 2001 The private plot formulated in May for toppling the Taliban was divulged during the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy. Immediately after the conference, American, Russian, German and Pakistani officials secretly met in Berlin to finalize the strategy for military strikes against the Taliban, scheduled to begin before mid-October 2001.,3604,55...
September 2001 - The "catastrophic and catalyzing" modern-day Pearl Harbor envisioned years earlier by the PNAC came to pass when the WTC and Pentagon were attacked as Rumsfeld sat passive and unresponsive. The finger of blame was pointed at Osama bin Laden, a former CIA operative with ties to Afghanistan. Suddenly, the U.S. "gift" of $43 million to the Taliban in May was cast in a new light. Coincidentally, Pakistan had participated in the plan to attack Afghanistan and the chief of Pakistan's Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) agency was later linked to a 911 hijacker after wiring him $100,00 just days before the WTC fell. Pakistan's ISI also had a long-standing working relationship with the CIA.,3604,1266317,...
The PNAC had scored a home run with the bases loaded with the 911 event: shock, horror and fear gripped the nation, the war on "terrorism" had been established in no uncertain terms, attacking Afghanistan with public approval was a foregone conclusion and the stage was set for building a public case against Saddam.
Not one to let a good attack go to waste, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld sprung into action.

He told his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq, even though Saddam wasn't linked to the attacks.
PNAC-James Woolsey, former CIA director, was dispatched to London to look for and 'firm up' evidence of Iraqi involvement in the 911 attacks.
PNAC-member and Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz was authorized to create the Office of Special Plans.

"It is important to shape circumstances..........."- PNAC Statement of Principles
The Office of Special Plans (OSP) was a secret group of analysts and policy advisors with no status in the intelligence community. Nevertheless they reported directly to the White House and National Security office with cherry-picked intelligence from questionable sources to support the case for invading Iraq. The OSP circumvented formal, well-established oversight procedures, ignored intelligence that didn't further their agenda, expanded the intelligence on weapons beyond what was justified and over-emphasized the national security risk. They became more influential than the C.I.A. or the Defense Intelligence Agency who didn't even know the ultra-secret OSP existed for at least a year.
Because they were based in the Pentagon, it was assumed that the OSP was an intelligence-gathering agency that was second-guessing the C.I.A. but in actuality it was the White House Military Marketing Machine charged with the task of writing the PNAC's "Get Saddam" sales pitch for the public. Shading and bending reality to suit their own purpose, it wasn't important for the OSP's stories about Saddam to be factual, only that the average American believed them to be - in true Hollywood fashion.
While the nation was stripped to the emotional bone and painfully vulnerable, the White House capitalized on the opportunity to reshape public perceptions and responses to conform with the PNAC's new American agenda. Rather than buoy the "can do" American spirit with optimism and hope for the future as Presidents before him had done in times of crisis, Bush spoke with an alarmist and pessimistic tone that served to perpetuate the high anxiety, excitability and fear in the populace.
To hear him speak, the world was a dark, evil and dangerous place....terrorism was here to would be a long struggle....America was helpless without the military might of the Government to keep the nation safe. The intent was to create a psychologically broken, weary and docile populace that would be easier to lead into war.
Fear became the Administration's strategic tactic for reprogramming the public into accepting the PNAC's militaristic designs. Still shell-shocked and exhausted from the enormity of the WTC and Pentagon tragedies, the public's panic shifted into frenzied over-drive when anthrax-laced envelopes arrived in government and media offices, killing five people. A perpetrator was never identified but the investigation eventually centered around the Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, one of the nation's main anthrax research centers.,2933,126244,00.html
Using classic "operant learning" techniques from the realm of consumer psychology, the public was purposely kept on High Alert and continually "shaped" with ominous sound bites on the nightly news and "Level Orange Terror Alerts" at regularly scheduled but discrete intervals.
October 2001 - With flags waving, crowds cheering, and anthems playing, the "War On Terror" and the hunt for Osama began when Afghanistan was attacked right on schedule of July's secret meeting.
Immediately afterwards the PNAC and White House collaboration of "GET SADDAM" played relentlessly on televisions and in newspapers across the nation and the World as the "War on Terror" waged on and the litany of lies began.

The only terrorists we have to fear are those that occupy the White House.

Pass It On
This has been a presentation of The Whispering Campaign - an opportunity to become ACTIVELY involved in educating the American public without drawing attention to yourself. This is a game of Political "Gossip" where the story of our Government's deception and betrayal gets passed from one person to another.

Anyone can play. The rules are simple: make ten copies of this timeline and leave it in a public place where someone else will find it and read it. Ideal locations for maximum exposure include book stores, copy shops, libraries and train stations. Buses, taxis, laundromats, and check-out lines at the grocery store. Hair salons, rest rooms, gas stations and convenience stores. Anywhere you happen to be will work just fine. The American public deserves to know the TRUTH!

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hArE'S gRoOvE

hArE'S gRoOvE
Skepticism is a weapon.
Skepticism IS A QUALITYshared by truth seekers, freethinkers andrealists.
Skepticism Demands that Proof Facts be Unsanitized, Unsensored and Unembellished.
Skepticism makes the world accountable.
Skepticism is a Virtue.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

what really happened?

A challange

In her article dissing blogs that question the official story of 9-11 (see below), Ms. Stillwell obviously picked examples from the blogs that she found most easy to dismiss and ridicule. Equally obviously she stayed away from any facts that really do call into question the official story of 9-11.
So here is an open and public challenge to Ms. Stillwell. We have all seen the video tape of the President just sitting in that classroom reading about goats after being told of the second plane impact.
So, let's keep the following facts in mind.
1. There are supposedly an unknown number of hijacked planes flying over the country crashing into buildings.
2. Bush's presence at the school was announced in the media three days in advance. So the Hijackers knew where he was going to be.
3. There is an airport just 4 miles away from the school where Bush was sitting.
So, Ms. Stillwell, since you seem to imagine you have a grasp on reality, please answer the following.
How did the United States Secret Service Protective Detail, know they did not need to immediatly move the President? How did they know they did not need to toss him into his bomb-proof limo and start driving in any direction to foil a possible inbound?
How did the United States Secret Service Protective Detail know that by leaving the President where he was, they were not making targets of all those students and teachers?
How did the United States Secret Service Protective Detail KNOW FOR A FACT THAT PRESIDENT BUSH WAS NOT A TARGET THAT DAY?
Feel free to write Ms. Stillwell and ask her those questions.

UPDATE: The San Francisco Chronicle has retracted a portion of Stillwell's article, predictable, dealing with the "no plane at the Pentagon" hoax. As of this update, there has been no reply from either Stillwell or the Chronicle regarding the questions raised in this article.

Kinky in Texas!

Greetings friends-Just got back from socal- Palos verdes to be exact. I arrived @ the Houston airport @ 11pm it was 85* and sticky. Hey it's good to be home. *smile*
check out Kinky Friedman for governor of Texas! He's got great ideas. You have a choice. I know only 18% of Texans voted in the primary elections so that leaves 82% of us eligable to vote for Kinky this november. First we have to get him on the ballot you can sign a petetion
here-gather a few signatures please! read more about Kinky below- I'll be back soon with more to offer.
Peace, Jess

Why the hell not?
Texas politics stinks.
The parties sell themselves to big donors, lobbyists control the legislature's agenda, and the top fundraising groups in the state are being indicted for money laundering. Corruption and big money have such a chokehold that the two major parties blew $100 million in the last governor's race to elect a candidate to a job that pays $100,000 a year. And for all that money spent, less than 30% of us bothered to show up at the polls.

Because it's hard to stand in line at the ballot box when neither candidate promises anything more than politics as usual. Texans are the most independent people in America, and if we're going to be inspired, the inspiration will come from someone unafraid to deal in new ideas and honest answers, an independent leader who lets the people call the plays instead of dancing to the tune of the money men.
That kind of leader is never going to look or sound like a politician. He won't steer by image polls, speak in hollow phrases approved by focus groups, or show up in hand-tailored suits.
You'll know him when you see himtrue Texas leaders are unmistakable. After all, the last independent governor of Texas was Sam Houston. The next will be Kinky Friedman.

How hard could it be?
Kinky's Common-Sense Priorities
Texas has the second-largest population of any state in the country and two of the ten largest cities. That's an awfully big cart to pull with the horsepower we're currently giving our kids in Texas schools. An educated workforce and top-notch schools are essential to keeping our state attractive to new business, but we're failing the test.
Texas has the 8th largest economy in the world, but we're 1st in drop-out rates and 49th in education spending in the country.
Teachers' salaries in Texas are over $6,000 below the national average. This lack of respect for the people who do our state's most important job must stop. As governor, Kinky will work to make sure that teachers are paid what they're worth. Period.
The TAKS test and its predecessor, TAAS, were invented essentially to make legislators look good on education. But studies show that rigid enforcement of standardized test scores doesn't help kids learn or make teachers more effective. Teach to the test and kids will learn the testbut not much else.

Texas ranks rock-bottom in providing for the basic needs of its youngest and poorest residents. More than one fifth of Texas children have no health insurance at all.
In 2003, Texas legislators slashed the Children's Health Insurance Program, pulling the rug out from under 170,000 kids. Not only did this put more of our children at risk, it ended up costing the state tens of thousands of health care jobs and $16 billion in lost productivity. Kinky believes this is reckless and short-sightedno way to invest in the future of Texas.
We're a state that prides itself on friendliness and responsibility, but the message we're sending our kids is that if you're going to be born poor, you'd better not be born in Texas.

Renewable Energy
It's time for Texas to reclaim bragging rights as an energy icon. As governor, Kinky will accomplish that by encouraging investment and innovation in new methods of electricity generation and new fuels like biodiesel.
Think these are fringe technologies? Think again. Wind power plants, solar power arrays, and landfill gas capture systems are already in operation across Texas in cities from Fort Stockton to Fort Worth. Texas has been called "the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy," and firms from TXU to Kyocera are already clamoring for a piece of the action.
Despite our staggering potential, only 0.7% of Texas' energy needs come from renewable sources. That puts us 51st in the nation, behind even Washington D.C.
Biodieselit's good enough for Willie Nelson's tour bus, and the city of Denton is using it to fuel their entire fleet of diesel trucks. Biodiesel is fuel you can grow. That's good for farmers, good for the air, good for the Texas energy industry and good for Texans. With biodiesel, everybody wins but OPEC

An Austin Business Journal survey this week asked its readers: If the Texas gubernatorial election were held today, who would get your vote? In a four-way race, our Kinkster took an overwhelming 47% of the votes.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Silly, just silly.

Well here we are a theatrical picture of myself and my brother. You wouldn't know it by looking that my brother is a big shot in the astronomy dept. @ UC Berkeley and a really serious guy, most of the time.
We had great fun. Check out that gear we found around the house- i really like my head gear and could see myself wearing while doing some elaborate painting. It's a blanket.
I'm wishing all of you a wonderful 2006.
Power to the peaceful,
PS- as much as I'd like to look militant I'm really not. Or maybe I am. Nah. Thanks to Kim Beavers for a pretty cool pic.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Missing in ACTION

Greetings and happy Monday!

well, not really- I've been active, just not so much here. As of late I've been working with "World Can't Wait" that would be a dot org if you wanna check it out. I've been creating some, painting and other things.

One project that I think is very important is taking a good hard look @ who we in the U.S. are putting to death. I've always been anti- death penalty and lately Tookie Williams of CA has re-newed my efforts. Tookie's movie "Redemption" is one not to miss.
That governor wants to hear what you think and time is ticking- fast 2 days left! Find out about "Tookie" here:

then write, call, fax and call again Arnold and let him know this man deserves to live and continue his good works.

There are still about 19 thousand people living in Houston that lost homes in New Orleans. Many have made the choice to stay in this city, but many more want to go home. So... what's taking them so long? "them" them, the government- I mean come on. There are many private organizations set up to help the families that are here-I feel proud to live in this city.

I still can't believe that Bu$h and company haven't been thown out on thier asses! IMPEACH HIM!
I have reprinted below an excerpt of the eloquent message sent December 8 by British playwright Harold Pinter as he accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature. Mr. Pinter has been a leading voice in opposition to the criminal war in Iraq.

“The invasion of Iraq was a bandit act, an act of blatant state terrorism, demonstrating absolute contempt for the concept of international law. The invasion was an arbitrary military action inspired by a series of lies upon lies and gross manipulation of the media and therefore of the public; an act intended to consolidate American military and economic control of the Middle East masquerading - as a last resort - all other justifications having failed to justify themselves - as liberation. A formidable assertion of military force responsible for the death and mutilation of thousands and thousands of innocent people.
We have brought torture, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, innumerable acts of random murder, misery, degradation and death to the Iraqi people and call it 'bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East'.
How many people do you have to kill before you qualify to be described as a mass murderer and a war criminal? One hundred thousand? More than enough, I would have thought. Therefore it is just that Bush and Blair be arraigned before the International Criminal Court of Justice. But Bush has been clever. He has not ratified the International Criminal Court of Justice...
Death in this context is irrelevant. Both Bush and Blair place death well away on the back burner. At least 100,000 Iraqis were killed by American bombs and missiles before the Iraq insurgency began. These people are of no moment. Their deaths don't exist. They are blank. They are not even recorded as being dead. 'We don't do body counts,' said the American general Tommy Franks ... The 2,000 American dead are an embarrassment. They are transported to their graves in the dark. Funerals are unobtrusive, out of harm's way. The mutilated rot in their beds, some for the rest of their lives. So the dead and the mutilated both rot, in different kinds of graves.”-Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter

I'm off to California to be with my family for the holiday's next week, I'll be in Berkeley with my brother then down the coast we go to LA- AND, my Grandmother will be 92 on the 22nd!!!! WOW The entire family will be @ her home in Palos Verdes this year- this hasn't happened in a very long time. I'm excited to say the least.

I wish everyone a Peaceful, Joy-filled Holiday season. I'll be back asap
power to the peaceful,

ps- i hope my spelling/tyo's didn't throw you off too much- no time for spell check- it takes so long ! HA!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Houston Astrodome update and more....

Greetings- I sent this last night to my personal contacts and some of
you have already responded- Thanks-

I would like to first say that our Mayor is doing a fantastic job- we
opened up apts. 6 month homes- longer if
they choose to stay- offered work, man, the
line for work was longer than the welfare line this morning. I'm sure you
will be hearing about Mayor Bill White soon- unless the media,
never mind.

I'm keeping a short account of what I see and hear. I'll send my entries via e-mail to friends and family.
(If you want to read it you can e-mail me and I'll add you to that
group of addresses. (I'm going to wait for a few more weeks to give
accurate account of the, conditions...) things are changing each day--
- hour. The media is pressing on to be able to enter.

We have an arm band "system" that identifies each person as a
volunteer (yellow) a guest- pink (an American that came from New
Orleans) then a red- these are for the patients who aren't ready to enter the dome, convention center
or the other 2 stadiums yet. I saw many, many people with two wrist
bands on one - pink and then a yellow- these wonderful people are helping from, trash pick
up to sorting clothEs and helping with wheel chaired people. About 30+ percent of the New Orleans people are also
volunteers! They all have a strong need to do something -
and they are.

I have been working almost non- stop here in Houston.
I live only 2-3 miles from the astrodome dome (reliant center) "city"-

Here's what's going on in my view, a bit of what I have witnessed.
Many of these fine Americans are in a state of shock (mostly women
and children are in the most emotional pain, or at least showing it),
many have no idea where the rest of their family is. I have walked
the dome many times asking the question-to hundreds, is there
anything I can get you?
-- Virginia-Yes, please please do you have a car? - I NEED to go
I didn't want nor do I need
thanks. I thanked her back.
oNE woman here said "I have been on my period
and haven't had a change of pants, can you get me pads and a
pair of pants. These
people have so much gratitude that they are being treated like humans

there's much talk about the president $bu$h- how these people
voted for him and regret it, more about that later.

There are many more stories to tell- these people talk opening about
what is happening- the fears the loss... More to come- when time
permits that diary of mine will include some stuff that will be hard
to read- but it needs to be told and I will speak for those who
cannot- as the media is not allowed IN the astrodome.
The children - many have been "lost"- there are about about 300 children
here - waiting for a parent or family member. We have set up fun area
outside and all children can go to astro world (six flags across the
freeway free- parents too- and if they don't' have a guardian a
person (like me) is assigned. There's need for temporary foster care
until a relative is found.

CRIME- there have been 7 arrests in a "city of 20K + charges? Public
intoxication. Please don't believe what you may have heard about
rapes...happening here in Houston, it's just not true. The Mayor DISPELLED
is a liberal with a huge heart for the American people. Our local
government has moved faster than the feds did-or do, or are doing.

We need:

Man- power medical- counselors- professionals- lawyers (many Houston
attorneys have offered free advice and help) 50 nurses came from san
sandeiago to Houston Monday, And were sent back? They aren't
licensed to practice in Texas! If I hadn't been there I wouldn't be
able to believed it- OH--- yeah I would.

"Amerikan pride- hell no---"pride spelled the downfall of nearly every great civilization in history" I can't remember. Who said that? C. Marx? No, I just don't remember. REALLY WHO DID SAY THAT? TELL ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! :)

We need kids stuff books art supplies- actually a girlfriend of mine
is sending some of that stuff (her idea!) she;s awesome ! Here's what she wrote me- also, I highly suggest checking out her site- she had some beautiful art posted and has classes- creative recovery.

My Friend wrote me earlier--- "I wish I could come down there. I really want to send children's books down there. And maybe some art stuff for the kids. What do you think? Should I send it to you?"

the medical teams are worn out sleeping 2 or 3 hrs at a
time on the same cots we have for our guests- compassion is oozing
from them and everyone else.

We...You know me, here I go with just a bit of how I'm seeing this---

It's coming - this failed government tells us - yet we aren't
seeing the help- We have every right to call for the firing of- that
scum some call president.

The Red Cross I'm sorry to report that --RC- isn't where these people
feel comfortable- they have been spoken to in a rude manner, more in my
journal entries. (Could very well be isolated, although in listening
I heard some pretty bad stuff) I need more info- from the folks here
before I can give you any facts.
FEMA- were sent only AFTER the storm hit

On Aug. 26, 2005, Gov. Blanco declares Louisiana as being in a state
of emergency. Once that occurs, FEMA is responsible. There is no gray
area here. FEMA was to assume responsibility because they "allegedly"
are the experts here. FEMA is a Federal organization.

SO... Who chose an incompetent, unqualified horse whisperer, to run
this important agency? Why the chief incompetent himself George W

Secondly, the absolute dismantling of FEMA through insufficient
funding, the refusal to respond to studies citing this as a potential
disaster are (,1518,372455,00.html),
the diversion of Nat. Guard troops, reduction in SELA funds, and the
overall poor response to this disaster lay squarely at W's feet.

I have avoided reading certain lists and watching any mainstream media
(which isn't a new thing) one reason is that my being has no room for
anger @ this time- Oh it's there but it will have stay 'somewhat"
quiet until I am emotionally and physically stable enough to take on
both my activist views on this governments blatant disregard for the
living Americans hurt by this disaster and the dead.

I'm pondering- Do bu$h supporters get it now? The government knows
that YOU know what they did and they are scared, and they are playing
every dirty trick they can to keep you from directing your anger
where it belongs, at Washington DC. Hurricane Katrina/ flood
(separate) has shredded what was little left of the Bush
Administration's credibility. Now we watch the slow train wreck of

What we are witnessing in New Orleans is nothing less than the abject
failure of government at the one task it is supposed to do, deal with
problems too big for private enterprise to handle. We pay taxes; we
follow rules, and get things that we normally would not do for
ourselves in return. It is a social contract, and in the wake of
hurricane Katrina, it was a worthless piece of paper.

So, you will see tons of propaganda about how this is a Republican
versus Democrat issue, or it's a rich versus poor issue, and maybe
even some good old fashioned race-baiting as well, along with the
usual phony opinion polls, all to keep the American people squabbling
amongst themselves while the real authors of this disaster breath a
sign of relief at their narrow escape, and laugh again at how easily
fooled the American people are. Really? We won't get fooled again-
what ashamed that we as Americans awaken
AFTER a disaster hit. The fine Americans that were hit in NYC
those "calm"

People in NYC on 9-11 with INSTANT relief - were devastated, yes,
this is much different, there was no help for 5 days! They had no food or
water survivors. This is much worse than that disaster-and the blame
well... You decide. I already have.

I did find this-

"Bush struggles to find the right tone on disaster" headline

After reading that....
Okay Mr. President, try that again, but a little lower voice, less
smirk, and can you maybe frown? Not pout, frown. FRO-WN. Okay, skip the
frown. Any chance you could fake a tear? Clinton was good at that. Remember that
video from Ron Brown's funeral? Smile to tears in 3.2 seconds flat. Think
you can pull that off? No? Okay, we'll squirt some water in your eyes just
before the cameras roll.

This man called President Bush has a lot to answer for- People to
fire including himself stepping down.
the former James Bond actor told reporters Saturday. "I don't know if this man is
really taking care of America. This government has been shameful. -
He said what we have been saying for yrs/

Houston is a fine city. I'm just getting
that(although there are a few problems with the cops, which I'll talk
about in my diary entry @ Haresgroove- and via e-mail to friends and family.)

The most important thing to remember is that we - are humans I'm a strong chick and can absorb pain in hope that the little I am doing helps in some way.

Odd, today (my break day) I'm not tired I've worked 17 hr "shifts"
for 3 days then a 7 hr shift
I need to ride the bike but shit, it's too damn hot here in the summer to ride, run or even walk- and I don't
give my money to gyms):)- my body is tired but nothing a day of rest and
meditation won't cure. HEY_ NO WAY- I'm NOT complaining! :)

I wish all of you the best,

Power to the peaceful!

Jess @ haresgroove

Right now I'm in HTown TX

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Saudi-average American- do we know?

HEY! another one of Bin's buddy is gonna be closer! way to go USA-

Today I want to tell you about Stats and such- and what's this shadow government going to do next? - I hope the administraion
are forced to step down- 'course that's nothing new, I've been hoping
for that since ummmmmm the beginning.
Hope everyones having a dandy day- and don't forget to write , call,
and e-mail Washington often. KNowledge is power- we CAN learn and spread the owrd! yes we really can, and we will.
HEY!!!! Power to the Peaceful!
Let's go to DC in september! - details to follow.

Stay strong,
Yeah- I meditate- any other suggestions ? * smile

Most taken from--DN Democracy Now! the other link gives detail about these friends of
bu$h- and many other US pres.

the small comments (me)

What's going on here? another friend of Laden? YES!! and not a word
in the US media (mainstream)- to be fair they aren't allowed- HELL
yes they are- stinkin' wimps!

clips from DN!- A- Goodman
- 21 Marines Die in Iraq Over Two-Day Period
- Coalition Death Toll in Iraq Tops 2,000
- U.S. Journalist Murdered in Basra
- CIA Recruited & Trained Secret Iraqi Paramilitary Group
- Hate Crimes in London Soar by 600% Since Bombings
- Russian Gov't Bars ABC From Operating Inside Nation
- Death Toll From Fighting in Sudan Tops 71

now--- what about this ? It just gets worse and...
So, after after 23 years as monarch, who will take over?

- Crown Prince Abdullah
The crown prince who has become king, King Abdullah, worked closely
with the late King Fahd in implementing the policies of Saudi Arabia,
both external and internal. This Crown Prince doesn't have any
allies. And the second man today, the Prince, bin Sultan, the father
of the ambassador – the former ambassador in Washington, Bandar, is
somebody with other allies. And it is predicted that they are not
going to be allowing the new king to have the kind of powers that
former kings of Saudi Arabia enjoyed.

Oh wait this too----

Fahd's death comes just days after the departure of the kingdom's
longtime Washington ambassador known popularly as "Bandar Bush" for
his closeness to the Bush dynasty. The new Saudi ambassador to the
US, Prince Turki al-Faisal-

know him?

Prince Turki was sacked or he left on his own his job as head of the
foreign intelligence in Saudi Arabia a mere ten days before September
11. Nobody explained the circumstances under which he left
--And his task, at one time, was to assemble the kind of Arab Muslim
fanatical volunteers to help the United States and the C.I.A. in the
fight against the Soviet communist regime

-The Times of London reported in 2002 that before the 9/11attacks,
diplomatic sources said that the Saudi Government had come under
intense pressure from Washington to replace Prince Turki as head of
Saudi intelligence because of his past association and support for
bin Laden.

damn damn damn!

-The prince was among several leading Saudi figures who were named in
a $1 trillion lawsuit filed by the families of the victims of the
September 11 attacks, who claimed that he helped to fund Osama bin
Laden's network. And, on at least 5 occasions, Prince Turki met
personally with bin Laden and his lieutenants.

more facts...


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Awaken America

Greetings my fellow activists!

First dafur information- The bu$h administration has asked congress to delete provisions about dafur from upcoming legislation. 400 THOUSAND lives already lost! What a stand up guy- I bet his gut is killing him- maybe not, he doesn't seem to care- at all about anything (anyone) except his right wing agenda and... hum and...- SICK!

Come on- let's not be silent.

Awaken! - The war in Iraq war on terror- Oh I forgot it's now the war to free Iraq, Is killing innocent people (civilians like me) Is this action making the USA safer? I don't think so- in fact I think we are more vulnerable because hatred and disrespect for the USA has grown so much since this war began. The illegal invasion and occupation has ruined the US's reputation- we were- a nation that honored international law- and human rights, NO MORE. Much of the world understands this and I suspect it will take a very long time to regain any respectable status back.

The bu$h administration is increasing the nuclear threat to the by not honoring the Test Ban Treaty - plans are in the works now to develop new nuclear weapons! Un-f**kin'-believable!

No honest reader can deny what public opinion in Iraq , long made clear- they want the occupation to end- and so do the majority of US citizens- and the rest of the world. WAKE UP AMERICA!

I wonder - who the hell is this government listening to? Not the people- a government of and for the people- BS- BS.
Damn, this war to free Iraq is going atrociously. appallingly --dreadfully,-horrifically offensively- crudely.

What to do? get with local activists- channel this anger in a productive manner- stay informed- listen to and read non-mainstream papers and radio- TV (FSTV)---Democracy Now! (suggested news sourse)

If we are informed- perhaps we can explain why it's so important to stay active to not allow the media and churches to get away with murder. The truth needs to be told and loud and to as many people as we can reach-

I'm doing my part- but I could do so much more. I wish I had not spent so much time last fall on the kerry careless campaign- many of us do- time wasted- that jerk didn't even demand all votes to be counted. Whatever- he's just bu$h light.
Let's not allow this government of the US kill the love man-

Power to the peaceful!
Thanks again and again for staying active!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wishing a man to jail

What's happening to me?????? I caught myself wishing Karl Rove to a very small jail cell- I'm crossing my fingers even. I've wanted bu$h & co. in jail for a long time. (guess it all started when he stole the election- and my vote wasn't counted)

But damn, I don't much like the anger I feel, don't much care for those thoughts of bu$h being in gitmo allowing whatever treatment I deem fit.

OHHHHHHHH! what's happening to me-jaded? Perhaps beyond
Power to the peaceful,
who' s not sounding too peaceful today- maybe later

Thursday, May 12, 2005

CNN grows gonads!!?

Greetings from Houston- It's been a while. I've been busy with life, still an active activist!
Power to the peaceful!

Step right up mainstream media it's about time!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What IF???

# What if the policies of foreign intervention, entangling alliances, policing the world, nation building, and spreading our values through force are deeply flawed?
# What if it is true that Saddam Hussein never had weapons of mass destruction?# What if it is true that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were never allies?
# What if it is true that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein did nothing to enhance our national security?# What if our current policy in the Middle East leads to the overthrow of our client oil states in the region?
# What if the American people really knew that more than 20,000 American troops have suffered serious casualties or died in the Iraq war, and 9% of our forces already have been made incapable of returning to battle?
# What if it turns out there are many more guerrilla fighters in Iraq than our government admits?# What if there really have been 100,000 civilian Iraqi casualties, as some claim, and what is an acceptable price for “doing good?”
# What if Rumsfeld is replaced for the wrong reasons, and things become worse under a Defense Secretary who demands more troops and an expansion of the war?
# What if we discover that, when they do vote, the overwhelming majority of Iraqis support Islamic (Sharia) law over western secular law, and want our troops removed?
# What if those who correctly warned of the disaster awaiting us in Iraq are never asked for their opinion of what should be done now?
# What if the only solution for Iraq is to divide the country into three separate regions, recognizing the principle of self-determination while rejecting the artificial boundaries created in 1918 by non-Iraqis?
# What if it turns out radical Muslims don’t hate us for our freedoms, but rather for our policies in the Middle East that directly affected Arabs and Muslims?
# What if the invasion and occupation of Iraq actually distracted from pursuing and capturing Osama bin Laden?
# What if we discover that democracy can’t be spread with force of arms?
# What if democracy is deeply flawed, and instead we should be talking about liberty, property rights, free markets, the rule of law, localized government, weak centralized government, and self-determination promoted through persuasion, not force?
# What if the “stop-loss” program is actually an egregious violation of trust and a breach of contract between the government and soldiers? What if it actually is a backdoor draft, leading to unbridled cynicism and rebellion against a voluntary army and generating support for a draft of both men and women? Will lying to troops lead to rebellion and anger toward the political leadership running the war?
# What if the Pentagon’s legal task-force opinion that the President is not bound by international or federal law regarding torture stands unchallenged, and sets a precedent which ultimately harms Americans, while totally disregarding the moral, practical, and legal arguments against such a policy?
# What if the intelligence reform legislation – which gives us bigger, more expensive bureaucracy – doesn’t bolster our security, and distracts us from the real problem of revamping our interventionist foreign policy?
# What if we suddenly discover we are the aggressors, and we are losing an unwinnable guerrilla war?
# What if we discover, too late, that we can’t afford this war – and that our policies have led to a dollar collapse, rampant inflation, high interest rates, and a severe economic downturn?
# What if Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda actually welcomed our invasion and occupation of Arab/Muslim Iraq as proof of their accusations against us, and it served as a magnificent recruiting tool for them?
# What if our policy greatly increased and prolonged our vulnerability to terrorists and guerilla attacks both at home and abroad?
# What if the Pentagon, as reported by its Defense Science Board, actually recognized the dangers of our policy before the invasion, and their warnings were ignored or denied?# What if the argument that by fighting over there, we won’t have to fight here, is wrong, and the opposite is true?
# What if we can never be safer by giving up some of our freedoms?# What if the principle of pre-emptive war is adopted by Russia, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, and others, “justified” by current U.S. policy?
# What if pre-emptive war and pre-emptive guilt stem from the same flawed policy of authoritarianism, though we fail to recognize it?
# What if Pakistan is not a trustworthy ally, and turns on us when conditions deteriorate?# What if plans are being laid to provoke Syria and/or Iran into actions that would be used to justify a military response and pre-emptive war against them?
# What if our policy of democratization of the Middle East fails, and ends up fueling a Russian-Chinese alliance that we regret – an alliance not achieved even at the height of the Cold War?
# What if the policy forbidding profiling at our borders and airports is deeply flawed?
# What if presuming the guilt of a suspected terrorist without a trial leads to the total undermining of constitutional protections for American citizens when arrested?
# What if we discover the army is too small to continue policies of pre-emption and nation-building? What if a military draft is the only way to mobilize enough troops?

I'm on my way out the door- This is alot for me to think about.
Power to the peaceful

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Blogs -Request

I want to do more in blog town- so I'm going to.
I'm an artist and I live with a musician- I'm going to feature some of my art work around these parts and link up with Jim Fleming for some tunes.

Hell I don't know who reads this blog- except for a few very kind folks who have shot me an e-mail or left me a comment here.

Since you're reading this right now-

A. does my lack of typing skills bother you as much as it does me when i read?

kidding, really--- If anyone happnes to know a good spot for me to visit perhaps a singer songwriter's space or an independant painter (art) that you think I might like please leave a linkage!
Power to the peaceful,

Vote! In the U.S. ? Facts

20 Amazing Facts AboutVoting in the USA

CLICK HERE for printable version
Did you know....
1. 80% of all votes in America are counted by only two companies: Diebold and ES&S.

2. There is no federal agency with regulatory authority or oversight of the U.S. voting machine industry.

3. The vice-president of Diebold and the president of ES&S are brothers.

4. The chairman and CEO of Diebold is a major Bush campaign organizer and donor who wrote in 2003 that he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year."

5. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel used to be chairman of ES&S. He became Senator based on votes counted by ES&S machines.

6. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, long-connected with the Bush family, was recently caught lying about his ownership of ES&S by the Senate Ethics Committee.

7. Senator Chuck Hagel was on a short list of George W. Bush's vice-presidential candidates.

8. ES&S is the largest voting machine manufacturer in the U.S. and counts almost 60% of all U.S. votes.

9. Diebold's new touch screen voting machines have no paper trail of any votes. In other words, there is no way to verify that the data coming out of the machine is the same as what was legitimately put in by voters.

10. Diebold also makes ATMs, checkout scanners, and ticket machines, all of which log each transaction and can generate a paper trail.

11. Diebold is based in Ohio.

12. Diebold employed 5 convicted felons as consultants and developers to help write the central compiler
computer code that counted 50% of the votes in 30 states.,2645,61640,00.html

13. Jeff Dean was Senior Vice-President of General Election Systems when it was bought by Diebold. Even though he had been convicted of 23 counts of felony theft in the first
degree, Jeff Dean was retained as a consultant by Diebold and was largely responsible for programming the optical scanning software now used in most of the United States.

14. Diebold consultant Jeff Dean was convicted of planting back doors in his software and using a "high
degree of sophistication" to evade detection over a period of 2 years.

15. None of the international election observers were allowed in the polls in Ohio.

16. California banned the use of Diebold machines because the security was so bad. Despite Diebold's claims that the audit logs could not be hacked, a chimpanzee was able to do it! (See the
movie here:,2645,63298,00.html

17. 30% of all U.S. votes are carried out on unverifiable touch screen voting machines with no paper trail.

18. All -- not some -- but all the voting machine errors detected and reported in Florida went in favor of Bush or Republican candidates.,2645,65757,00.html

19. The governor of the state of Florida, Jeb Bush, is the President's brother.

20. Serious voting anomalies in Florida -- again always favoring Bush -- have been mathematically demonstrated and experts are recommending further investigation.,10801,97614,00.html

NOTE: Please copy the above list and distribute freely! LET THE FACTS BE KNOWN! Want more details?
Check out Voting Fraud in the USA:A Tale of Two Brothers!

Lebanon You're free ! It's your choice!


Nearly 500,000 pro-Syrian protesters waved flags and chanted anti-American slogans in a central Beirut square Tuesday, answering a nationwide call by the militant Shiite Muslim Hezbollah group for a demonstration to counter weeks of massive rallies demanding Syrian forces leave Lebanon. HERE

I read on AlJazeera that is was more like a Million protestors. SOOOOOO... 500,000 people have shown up to tell USreal to mind their own business! And what does Mr. Bu$h say?
YOU"RE FREE TO make your own choice! Now, get out of there Syria!

PS- The "assasination attempt" of the Italian Journalist is being investigated- sure it is! Meanwhile Sgrena must be lying (mainstream media) because we all know that the US government has done nothing corrupt!

Monday, March 07, 2005

"Control Room" Movie suggestion

"control room"

I tried watching with an un-biased mind, it was difficult. The film starts before the US invaded Iraq so to begin my thoughts were flooded with what should be deep regret from this country I live in, the U.S.A.
The film is an analysis of the the various techniques adopted by the media mainly US media from Ajazeera's view. It's a video Blog really.

Here you're going to see things not seen in American media, an abundance of civilian casualties, It also shows the way the Media's spin on stories like- Lynch and the statue of Hussain were "FIXED" stories. Everyone should see this movie.


PS Today my brain is trying to understand the assasination attempt of the communist journalist from Italy- I need to read more about it berfore forming more opinions.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

SO Funny I had to add this here! laugh a little. Peace, Jess
~Power to the Peaceful~

Republican Playbook NO Downloads!

The Frank Luntz Republican Playbook is now readable online!!

It's is IMMENSELY ENTERTAINING as well as informative!

Note to Every knowledgeable and responsible progressive ; It's our responsibility to read this-

Also check out The progressive blog Alliance

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

TV News Lies color of this state...

Greetings from the Red state of Texas
I lived in Florida before coming here- Indiana before that, I grew up in California.The Blue state Red state stuff gets much talk as of late. I don't remember it before.

The past week or so I have been involved in my local community a little here and there. Things aren't looking good- the poor are getting poorer- awe, you know the rest.

Some questions came to mind about the silence I hear- I ran across this while checking out some stuff on the net.
I'll be back soon.

SPEAK UP! let your voices be heard
Power to the peaceful,

From TV News Lies dot ORG
Has the opposition been permanently muted? Do we just sit back and watch the endless war go on? Do we pretend it is no longer our concern? Do we become one with the warmongers? Do we watch in silence as Death rides unfettered through the streets of Iraq?
Or do we start asking the questions that no one has answered?
Not long ago, Death had some clout. Not long ago, the mounting deaths of our fighting men and women in Iraq were reported on the evening news. Not long ago we heard the totals and not long ago the numbers saddened an enraged us. As the futile and immoral war against Iraq went on, Death boldly rode roughshod over our troops with impunity. In a horridly short time, ten deaths became twenty, twenty became a hundred, and then, with much fanfare, we passed a much heralded milestone. By the closing days of the 2004 election campaign, more than one thousand American men and women had lost their lives in George Bush’s War!
Not long ago, as Death was riding high, we railed against him. Not long ago, though Death was in charge, we shook our fists in anger, and raised our voices in protest. We were half the nation, and we were loud.
As Death dealt his blows, coalition casualties didn’t seem to matter; their numbers were never of much interest. What the heck….foreigners are foreigners. But, if you listened closely, some Americans did care. Some of us loudly and consistently mourned the deaths of all who were being sacrificed in the growing quagmire. And some of us abjectly refused to look aside as Death continued riding high.
Iraqi deaths didn’t really matter, either – a thousand here, a thousand there, what the heck. You couldn’t tell an insurgent from a terrorist, anyway. But, in truth, some of us really did care. We sought after the numbers, and we asked to see the photos, and we were terribly troubled by what we learned. But they had stopped counting the dead civilians long before…. it wasn’t a very good statistic for the Bush image. So time went on, and Death went on. And just his month, he took full advantage of it all. Death went on a rampage and rode into Fallujah.
And then, and then….and then came the Darkness and the Silence.
The darkness came from the media. The silence came from the people. American bombs plastered a city of 300,000 people, leaving the survivors of Fallujah, without water, electricity, food, medical supplies or doctors. The assault went on, and a densely populated city was soon strewn with the dead and wounded, and no relief agencies were permitted to come to their aid. Imagine, Death had a picnic and no one came.
There was no one to cry out against the slaughter. After all, the assault was designed to end the insurgency and miraculously restore Iraq to an acceptable level of safety and security. In fact, the devastation was strategically necessary for George Bush. He hoped to capture his Terrorist-of- the-Day, Abu Musaab Al-Zarkawi, and save the world from evil. Or so we were told.
In fact, in less than a month, another 101 Americans died. Thousands of Iraqis, many of them women and children were killed. Our soldiers were instructed to shoot on sight all males in Fallujah between the ages of 15 and 50 – ARMED OR NOT! Insurgents don’t wear uniforms, so Death rode blindly through the streets of Fallujah seeking his prey. Zarkawi was nowhere to be found. The insurgency continued. Violence erupted in ten other Iraqi cities, and the madness still increases every day.
The media largely ignored the battle in Fallujah and the one that followed in Mosul. They offered no stories, no casualties, no photos, not even verbal images of the horror that was. The war in Iraq is no longer really news. The voices of Americans who once spoke out against this senseless war are no longer heard. . So, in the end, Death is losing his clout – he can no longer arouse the people of this county to cry out in rage. Death in Iraq, ironically, is now a tolerable way of life.
Kidnappings in Iraq are accepted as commonplace; even beheadings get little more than a passing comment. Roadside bombs are routine, people are blown to smithereens every single day. As of this week, at least 1,236 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war. The British military has reported 74 deaths; Italy, 19; Poland, 13; Spain, 11; Ukraine, nine; Bulgaria, seven; Slovakia, three; Estonia, Thailand and the Netherlands, two each; and Denmark, El Salvador, Hungary and Latvia have reported one death each.
Civilian deaths in Iraq, at the hands of American led forces, have been estimated to be around 100,000.
Is there anyone out there screaming for an end to the slaughter? Does anyone still care?
Has the opposition been permanently muted? Do we just sit back and watch the endless war go on? Do we pretend it is no longer our concern? Do we become one with the warmongers? Do we watch in silence as Death rides unfettered through the streets of Iraq?
Or do we start asking the questions that no one has answered?
Why are our brave men and women killing and being killed?
What has been accomplished?
How long will this carnage go on?
How much will it cost – in lives, in money, in despair?
Who has an exit strategy?
Who will take responsibility for the war and its failure?
And do we start organizing and protesting and demanding to be heard? Everyone who protested against the war in Iraq BEFORE it began knew this would be the result. We warned of the chaos and the needless deaths. We shouted about the illegality and the immorality of the invasion. We failed then. Can we be silent now?
Can we live with the Darkness and the Silence that have descended upon our nation? Can we close our minds to the continuing carnage and accept the inevitability of an endless war against the people of Iraq – and the probability of more invasions? Can we surrender meekly and quietly to those who took us down this road with their lies and deceptions? Can we even consider that possibility?
TvNewsLies is throwing down the gauntlet here and now. We challenge those who care to connect, to network, to organize and to speak out. We plead with all the wonderful organizations that mobilized the nation before, to rise up again. We ask MoveOn, International A.N.S.W.E.R, Stop the War, Not in Our Name, and United for Peace, Code Pink, Veterans Against an Iraq War, and Voices in the Wilderness to help end the silence.
Death cannot rule the day. George Bush and his PNAC handlers must not be allowed to play their deadly war games any more. We are half the nation, at least. That means we are tens of millions in strength, and tens of millions in determination. If we choose to do so, we can end the silence, now.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Liberal Street Fighter

while surfing the web-

I found these sites to be most excellent !

The Liberal Street Fighter

Human Rights First

Take Back the Media